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Semer à tout vent

Faire germer les idées, les construire, remettre en cause, challenger, réapprendre son libre arbitre, soutenir les initiatives des individus, permettre aux groupes ‘être à l’écoute des plus introvertis.

Because life is wonderful you want to last long.

And you want to keep a sustainable pace that you can keep on for the rest of your life.

Professional Contacts

Feel free to contact me regarding any professional/non-professional aspect of my life.

I’m always ready to discuss it while running, pick your place.


Always further, always … it’s a training, a healthy habit, a way to give room for serendipity, a way to find solutions, a way to discuss and to share idea, a way of life.


Leading a ship to a destination, taking care of people, taking care of their security, offering them a real experience with the sea beneath and the sky above.

Free and autonomous

A comment? A question?

Feel free to leave a message here, I don’t come that often but will try to answer within a week.